Your skin will thank you.


We wanted to create an environment where you could be informed and educated about your products BEFORE you spend your money. So we offer consultations to show you the most effective way to use your skincare and help you be a wiser consumer when you purchase your products.

We structure our consultations to meet your skincare needs. We can meet one on one, or you can come in with a friend or even a small group. We offer half hour and one hour appointments that can focus on just skincare or just cosmetics or both! Instead of a service fee, all we ask for is a product purchase equivalent to $25 for a half hour or $50 for a one hour appointment. Why? We want to inspire you to use our products and see the difference yourself!





During your consultation we discuss your skincare issues and concerns and what ingredients are best for your skin needs. Then as we apply products we discuss exactly what is going on your skin, and why; and exactly how to use them. You can have a fabulous product but if it's not applied properly you may not be getting the full benefits of your purchase!

But even without a consultation you can come in, check out our products and have questions answered! We wanted to offer a resource for our customers, a place where women of every age can come in and have their questions answered. Questions about products, ingredients, skin concerns, anything! There is so much hype in the beauty industry, here is a safe haven away from all that. Here at Pure Skin. Your skin will thank you.

We offer the best professional skincare and cosmetic products that are healthy for your skin.
— Lori and Yvonne